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Adsorbents Type Application
Activated Aluminia
Activated Alumina
Promoted Activated Alumina
Activated Carbon Natural Gas Purification
Activated Alumina
Promoted Activated Alumina
Solvents (Amines, Glycols & etc.) Purification
Merox Process in Mercaptan Removal in Petroleum Refineries
Heavy Metals (Mercury, Arsine, etc.) Removal 
Industrial and Municipal Waste Water Treatment
Industrial Air Purification
Chemicals Recovery
Gold Extraction 
Petroleum Sweetening
Ultra-Pure Water Industry
Alcohol Purification
Production and destruction of Phosgene
Precious metal Catalyst Carrier in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry.
Dehydrogenating Reaction
Silica Gel Gas Dehydration
Hydrocarbon Dew Point Controlling
Hydrogen Purification (PSA)
Air Drying and Separation
As a Catalyst Carrier 
As a Guard Layer in Gas Dehydration
Oxidation Reaction
Dehalogenation Reaction
Special Adsorbents Chloride Removal 
Mercury Removal
Arsine Removal
Sulfur Removal
Nitrogen/Oxygen Separation
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