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  • Technology Transfer & Manufacturing 
    Localization of High-Technology Materials Production 

  • Research & Development
    Invest in necessary Research and Development on Adsorption / Catalytic Processes Units to make sure that the Clients’ business runs smoothly and profits grow.

  • Software Development  
    Development of in-house Software for Simulation of Adsorption Processes to Evaluate and configure the Process Units for Better Performance. 

  • Engineering & DESIGN 
    Enhance in-house Engineering and Design Capabilities for Grass-Root Design or Revamp of Process Units. 

  • Material Supply 
    Supply High Quality Materials from reputable Manufacturers in parallel to represent the New High Technology Developments (Manufacturing and Engineering) in Adsorbent and Catalyst fields to improve Process Performance.

  • Sales & after Sales Services
    Experience Responding to Technical / Commercial Needs; Providing Engineering / Design and Sales / after Sales Services.

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