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  • Technology Transfer & Manufacturing 
    Molecular Sieve & Catalyst Production Complex; “HengYe Middle East” in Shiraz Especial Economic Zone (SEEZ), Iran.The Phase I completed to produce different types of High Quality Molecular Sieve.

  • Research & Development 
    Several studies and researches performed on development / replacement of new Adsorbents for Severe Process Conditions to improve process performance.
    New & High Technology Materials Developed and Supplied to the concerned industries with successful operational results fulfilling the required Process Guarantees. 
    The Technical Articles for successful researches / developments published in reputable international journals.

  • Software Development  
    In-house software for Adsorption Processes Simulation and Optimization developed.

  • Engineering & DESIGN 
    Performed Several Process Conceptual, Basic and Detail Designs for Adsorption Process Units.
    Performed Several Catalytic Process Units Study and Optimization Process Parameters to Improve Process Performance in case of Replacement of Process Licensor Catalysts.

  • Material Supply 
    Professional Supply of High Quality Adsorbents / Catalysts and Chemicals with and Competitive Price.

  • Sales & after Sales Services
    Mechanized and Integrated Sales and after Sales Services to fulfill and satisfy the Client’s Requirements.

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